Built from combined experience of manufacturing and with a production area spanning over 28,000 m2, Aluvindo is one of the largest manufacturer and stockholder of aluminium extrusions and other semifinished products located in East Java.

Aluvindo’s manufacturing footprint includes the most active extrusion facility in East Java operating from Sidoarjo, Surabaya. The extrusion manufacturing facilities are supplying world class products at short lead times. Aluvindo’s monthly capacity exceeds more than 650 tons. A strategic regional network of distribution centres supply solutions and immediate stock availability are the keys to our wide range spread to industries and market sectors.

Aluvindo understands the Indonesian market and its environmental conditions and this has made it Indonesia’s leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of aluminium extrusions.

Aluvindo’s Aluminium extrusions really performs!
Products made from Aluvindo aluminium extrusions deliver high performance.Light, strong, attractive, economical. Aluvindo’s aluminium extrusions offer the designer and manufacturer choices and combinations of useful characteristics unmatched by any other material. In fact, they have dozens of advantages. Some are well-known; others may be less familiar but are important, and even vital, in applications that require them.


Aluvindo will promote the production and use of aluminum as the sustainable material of choice. Aluvindo shall strive to continuously expand the aluminum extrusion business and be the supplier of first choice to all our customers. We shall simultaneously look out for new and emerging business opportunities related to our field of competence.


To provide high quality Aluminium Extrusion Products and superior customer service with a focus on value-added products to ensure the customers get ready to use products.

Aluvindo’s commitment

Aluvindo maintains a significant investment in research and development with a committed team of professionals in its Technology Solutions Group who use accredited testing facilities to support the design and development of sustainable, energy efficient residential and commercial extrusion systems.

Aluvindo is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities by examining its operations to identify environmentally responsible improvement opportunities; by reducing adverse consequences of new plant, equipment and processes; by managing waste materials using the hierarchy of reduce/reuse/recycle; and by ensuring that any necessary disposals are managed to appropriate environmental standards.

Our Foundation Pillars

Our customers can rest assured knowing that Aluvindo is a company with self-conciousness of quality and care of everything related to the resources that supports the creation of superior products that exceptional in quality and always consitent in every part of production process.

Our Strength

The key to our long term success is the quality and service focus of our people. Aluvindo is committed to strengthening the team through ongoing investment in leadership, staff development, accountability and empowerment of our teams throughout the organization. With our staff fully dedicated to serving our customers, we look to the future with confidence.

Our Drive

Customer needs are constantly evolving as is the way they want to deal with their financial services provider. In addition to innovative products and services, clients increasingly look for new and easier ways to obtain the products they need.

Our Goal

The financial and infrastructural development in Indonesia is increasingly competitive with client needs becoming ever more sophisticated. We are making substantial investments in our manufacturing facility technology in order to allow us to efficiently meet customer needs and control our operating costs.